luni, 6 august 2012

Good morning !

Good morning dolls . How is this day for you? Here is so hot , jesus is 12 o`clock and outside is 37 degreessss :|  , just i finish to eat( bread with egg and a cup of green tea hot )  i let you with pict :))) i don t know anymore what to eat healty in the morning ..:D any idea?:D ( no cereals because i can`t drink milk :(( )

Cum e ziua aceasta pentru voi? Aici e atat de cald , e doar ora 12 si afara sunt 37 de grade :| , doar ce am terminat de mancat ( paine cu ou si o cana de ceai cald verde, preferatul meu :D ), va las cu o poza :))) nu mai stiu deja ce sa mananc dimineata ca sa fie sanatos :D  ceva idei? :D ( fara cereale deoarece nu am voie sa beau lapte :-< :(( )

Marina ,

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  1. nice blog sweety... if u want we can follow each other ...also check the newest post on my blog!

  2. ce pofta mi-ai faaaacut:)) vai:)) ce sa mananci? 3 nectarine =)) sau o salata !

  3. :)) baby la 3 nectarine mor de foame :))))) vreau mancare adevarata , fructele la desert :)))

  4. you've a really lovely blog <3 it's really fantastic <3 may we can follow each other? :D

  5. i hope you're enjoying yuour day despite the weather. anyway, that looks yummy.

  6. Probably some banans or other fruits would be great in the morning.


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