vineri, 16 noiembrie 2012

Is time for Silent Hill

 Last week I was at movie how you can see in title is about "Silent Hill" , Who have seen this movie? Do you like it ? Me I wasn`t so impress, type of movie is Horror , but seriously? what is horror?:)) is ok , I like some parts , I have to admit :D but for me it wasn`t so horror :)) In another order this is what I choose to wear for this movie :)

Saptamana trecuta m fost la film , dupa cum bine puteti sa va dati seama si titlu e vorba de "Silent Hill"  , genul acestui film este horror. Cine l-a vazut? Va placut? Eu nu am fost atat de impresionata , nu mi s-a parut chiar atat de horror :)) e ok , trebuie sa recunosc ca-mi plac unele parti din acest film, regizorul a avut o imaginatie bogata in realizarea unor papusi , mai mult nu va spun :)) va las ca sa vedeti si sa va convingeti singuri :) Poate pentru mine nu a fost horror , dar pentru unele persoane s-ar putea sa fie :D Intr-o alta ordine de idei asta e ceea ce am purtat pentru acest film .

Jacket/Burberry , Jeans/No Name, Blouse /Disney , Boots/Creek , Bag/Clauido Ferrici

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With Love

Lovely Friday to all ! :)

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  1. ce draguta e bluza!!! si noi am vazut filmul zilele trecute....super horror :D

  2. Am fost si noi la Silent Hill si mie chiar mi s-a parut horror, gretos :))) vreo 15 min din film am stat cu ochii inchisi :))) btw, ce bine arata ghetele baby <3

  3. gorgeous!!!really really like the top!!!!

  4. You look so cute in this pic. I'm a new follower to your blog. Check out my blog and join:

  5. Hi Marina, I havent seen the movie yet! you look too cute, I like the pants and the sweater! kisses dear!

  6. So cute blouse! I was waitong for Silent Hill for so long too :)

  7. in love with the sweater babe!!

    have a lovely weekend!!

    XxX Farah

  8. love your top!

  9. I love Micky Mouse:) Great look dear:)

  10. I love your outfit dear, you look so pretty. Just perfect <3


  11. Nu creed ! Bluza aia cu Mickey & Minnie e adorabilaa ! Eu sunt inebunita dupa aceste personaje Disney :d Deci oficial, ador tinuta ta !!!

    Pupici !

  12. Multumesc frumos Claudia !!! Ma bucur sa aud ca mai sunt si alti fani Disney <3 :D


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