vineri, 11 ianuarie 2013

It`s time for burgundy

   Intr-un sfarsit am primit aceste poze realizate acum aproximativ o luna de zile impreuna cu prietena mea Alexandra , Ea venise acasa , iar in putinul meu timp liber am profitat la maxim ca sa stam de povesti si evident sa ne facem cateva poze , in ciuda frigului de afara ( pe bune ) era extrem de frig ( cu ocazia aceea am reusit performanta sa ma racesc :)) ) , dar acestea sunt de domeniul trecutului . Va las cu frumoasele poze realizate de Alexandra .

Finally I got the pictures :)) We made this set of photos almost 1 month ago :) with my beautiful girlfriend Alexandra . She came home , and I decide to go to spend a little time with her , we chat a little and after that we take it this beautiful photos , I have to told you , outside was very very cold :)) But that`s it , you have to endure a lot of stuff for great photos :D So this are lovely photos .

Jacket /Armani 
Blouse / No Name
Jeans / Toxike
Boots / Creeks
Rings / H&M
Watch / D&G
Bracelet / gift
Scarf / H&M


17 comentarii:

  1. Imi pla pla plaaaaceeee <3 a fost extrem de frig dar a meritat<3 pupici baby

  2. Love you burgundy sweater. I also like your boots.


  3. Love ur sweater bby! :X si culoarea si tot! :X xoxo

  4. ghetutele sunt asa frumoase <3
    pupici :*

  5. love the burgundy it looks gorgeous on you and your studded boots are so cute!!!!

  6. I love your coat!!!! Please make your pictures bigger, though!

  7. I like this colour so much!
    Thank you so much for visiting me, dear! :)

  8. foarte dragute pozele! te urmaresc cu drag! pupici

  9. I love it!

  10. Hi sweetheart Happy New year!!!

    I looove those studded boots and that pink sweater looks amazing on you!
    it is my favotite color!

    thanx for passing by,it is always lovely to hear your feedback,I hope you are doing well

    kisses and hugs xoxo Tamara Chloé

  11. ce draguut! imi plac mult cizmulitele! pupici

  12. how cute! love the sweater and the boots! kisses dear!:*

  13. These photos are so cute! Love the coat!

    Have a great week lovely,

  14. Thank you girls , for beautiful comments ! Means a lot for me ..

    A lot of love and kiss :)


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