miercuri, 24 aprilie 2013

Burgundy time

Hello guys ,

     Sunt atat de fericita cu aceasta vreme permisiva :) Momentan nu am fost suficient de indrazneata incat sa port rochite , sincer sa va spun imi e putin frica sa nu ma pasca vreo raceala :)) nu suport sa stau la pat si sa nu pot face nimic . Asa ca eu o iau treptat treptat cu "dezbracatul" :)) plus de asta inca nu mi-am scos toate hainele de Primavara de la naftalina , trebuie sa ma apuc in curand de acest proces :) De data aceasta am asortat acesti pantaloni la un maieu si wedgesi , e pentru prima data cand ii port cu wedgesii , aveam impresia ca nu o sa imi placa rezultatul :) Dar m-am inselat :D
I`m so happy , weather is so great and good with us . For the moment I keep some clothes up to me :)) I`m not so brave to wear dresses , honestly I`m little afraid to don`t be sick :))

How is weather in your country ? Everything ok? :)

Shirt / Pull and Bear
Pants / Bershka 
Wedges / Deichman 
Necklace / Zara
Sunglasses / Polaroid


p.s. Sorry for bad quality of photos . :(

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  1. Hi Marina! You look very pretty, I like the color of the pants and the shirt, nice combo! Kisses dear! xo

  2. imi place mult tinuta !!maieul este preferatul meu !!
    te pup

  3. Hi Marina, lovely look, plus those sunglasses look great.
    Of course we can follow each other. I have a problem with my GFC so I'm following you with bloglovin. Also if you add google plus followers, we can follow each other there as well.
    Dusana :-)


  4. Oh I love your blog and your style!
    I'm following you now

  5. Ofcourse yes i am following you now, number 249,waiting for you, you look super stunning, nice top.

  6. nu pot crede ca sunt 25 de grade...nu vreau sa ma bucur inca :)

  7. Hi dear!
    Nice way to wear burgundy, love the t-shirt
    I'm following :)

  8. Love your edgy style and outfit. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We can definitely follow each other :) I have liked your page on fb. Please like mine too: www.facebook.com/thebeautybeastblog :D

    -thebeautybeastblog.com xx

  9. nice :)

    Im following you now, could you please check out my blog and follow back if you like. You can like my FB page as well:)


  10. ms frumos
    esti o scumpa :*
    ps. si eu vroiam sa`mi iau tricou ca si al tau :X
    pupici :*

  11. I love burgundy. You look very nice.


  12. cool! i'm your follower 252! tell me when you followback! :)

    I have a new entry with an easy hair tip in my blog! check it out if you want! :) blogthedreams, kisses!

  13. Thank you to all for comments !!! xoxo


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